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Clemson athletics updates COVID-19 cases in program

Clemson athletics reported 12 athlete and 15 total positives out of 1,335 COVID-19 tests within the program from this week’s testing through Oct. 8.
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Since June 1, Clemson reports that athletes and athletic staff have completed 8,770 COVID-19 PCR tests, with 156 positive results (121 student-athletes, 35 staff), 1.8% positive, and no hospitalizations.

For student body test results, Clemson reported a 4.9% positive rate on tests conducted this week with 245 positives and 532 individuals in an isolation/quarantine space or at their room/apartment.

Clemson president Jim Clements announced a change to its testing strategy for students Friday.

“The University continues to fine-tune its student testing,” Clements said, “and starting next week will begin testing all on-campus residents on a weekly basis – in addition to conducting random testing of off-campus residents. While this is a bit of an inconvenience to our students, please know that we have moved away from the more invasive deep nasal testing to other methods.”

Clements also had a parting word on safe measures for the game weekend:

“Although our students and employees continue, for the most part, to exercise good judgment when it comes to the common-sense safety measures associated with COVID-19, now is not the time to let our guard down. I want to remind everyone that face coverings are mandatory while indoors on campus and while outdoors when social distancing isn’t possible. Likewise, the City of Clemson has extended its face covering requirement until late December, so our students need to continue to do their part to be good citizens and abide by the city’s rules.

“Finally, we have another home football game this weekend and I want to encourage all our guests to campus and the city this weekend to do their part to keep our students and community residents safe. In many ways, our football safety protocols have become a national model and have shown it is possible to play football with fans in the stands – let’s keep it that way!

“As always, our success relies on the hard work and support of countless individuals. My deepest appreciation goes out to our faculty and staff for their steadfast commitment to this University and to our students. We also are grateful to all our donors and supporters across the nation who help make this work possible.”

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